Ponders of a JasX Gathering Sim Idea

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Ponders of a JasX Gathering Sim Idea

Postby TrixieJ » Wed Nov 11, 2015 1:07 am

Heyo, longtime player of JasX stuff, and feeling a little frisky on the idea side of things today!

I was just at Ryder Beach again, and on a whim wondered if the pickup stuff for JFish was still underwater, and to my delight, there was still the usual luck potions, small crates, and clams down there that still worked with the swimhud. That got me thinking though: There really isn't too many of these gathersims left anymore...

I don't blame the simmakers in this case- if they can't afford the sim, or don't get the funding to keep it or just lose interest with how it's built or kept, it'll go away, simple as that. Still, it's always one of my favorite things I've seen for these games, cross-compatibility and a excuse to wander through a sim looking for goodies.

Part of me thinks Quiddley could do well with getting this sort of stuff (it's already more or less the go-to for any remaining TiS or Fright players, so why not expand it to gathering stuff?) but I'm also eventually thinking that it may be worth for me to double-check parcel prices and see what I can do for this sorta thing as well.

Point of the thread though is trifold for this sorta idea though, mainly questions:

1: Would people be interested in something like this being adopted again, a place where gatherer huds and swimhuds can be used to gather random materials on a respawn timer and/or hang out?

2: What sort of other services and items should be found in this sort of gather sim? I was having random ideas like currency-based marketplaces run by the simowner where items can be bought, similar to the one TiS had implemented but a physical vendor for the games that require these items?

3: Perhaps we should encourage sims that already support JasX products, like the many BARE dojos or Woohoo arenas, to also set up these sorta places? It'd encourage extra visitors in the sim and perhaps encourage more people to play more of the games.

Not expecting this thread to change anything overnight, or entirely replace in-mission or in-game ways of getting resources, but it's always something that stuck with me with the various attempts before, like Ryder Artic and those two sims that had in-built TiS missions in them. It has potential for a revisit, I think.
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