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Seems like crafting is quite difficult to level. In my experience, trying to get the necessary crafting items takes hours for a paltry few items, and even then most of my crafts are either red or grey, limiting what I can level crafting with. While I do not believe it should be too simple, the fact that fishing is so hit or miss makes grinding for crafting material painstaking. It took me an hour to get one geoduck clam with the right bait and depth. My crafting level has only gotten to 162 and honestly I find it hard to keep the motivation to continue fishing for them.

My suggestion is, why not make the floatfishing rods do better for things to craft with since they have a lesser chance to catch rare fish? I know the problem with using them now is that they only go a few meters down, so unless I find a nice shallow pool to fish in, most of the ingredients I need are out of reach.
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